There's Something Warm in Everything (2020) 

written by Irene Urratia for Media Art Friesland in 2021:

"A breathing lamp offers soft, rhythmic illumination at the heart of a multimedia installation. Slowly, fragments and impressions appear and disappear. Drawings, videos, and objects are carefully placed, calling attention not only to their own forms, but also to the darkness and space around them. A narrative unfolds as you wander through space. A personal story is told, just for you, and you carry it from one point to another. Your body and perception move between digital and physical space. Wait for the light, then for the darkness. Breathe with the room. Can you feel it? “There’s Something Warm in Everything” turns breath into stories, and movement into meaning."

Elements include:
a breathing lamp, sound recording, four videos, multiple drawings (pencil on paper), folding bedfame

1: installation at Media Art Friesland
2: video still
3: installation view at Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Buiten Westen #2

4: installation at Media Art Friesland