Soft-Spoken Stage Mouth (2021)

While I was reading an essay written by Andre Bazin, one line in particular caught my attention: 

“The screen is not a frame like that of a picture, but a mask which allows only a part of the action to be seen. When a character moves off screen, we accept the fact that he is out of sight, but he continues to exist in his own capacity at some other place in the decor which is hidden from us.”

-André Bazin, from Theater and Cinema

The installation of 'Soft-Spoken Stage Mouth' consists of a wooden construction reminiscent of the back of a built-up set, from a theatre or film, accompanied by delayed samples of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major, Op. 73 "Emperor": II. Adagio, and a CGI-rendered video in which a mirror takes center stage, in the midst of a bedroom with the same wooden construction, in an infinite, black space. Two lamps are responding to the spectator's presence. 

This installation was the second out of three shows I did, part of P/////AKTPOOL, a six-month program at P////AKT, for two carefully selected young artists who have graduated from one of the bachelor courses in The Netherlands the previous year.