there is a hardware store across my house

where a black shape emerges

as soon as the sky turns dark

it becomes even clearer

when the shopping mall lights are turned off

which happens around eleven

every night

the shape looks like Grim Reaper

bending over

to grab something

off of the floor

something someone might have

dropped, when they were

in a hurry

one or two nights ago

I was staring at the shape

when I noticed it was not a solid object

like I’d thought before

but it was some kind of


a collection of deep shadows

caused by nearby street lights

shining upon other objects

in the hardware store

for a few moments

I thought I had lost him

because of what I knew,

that it was an absence of objects

rather than

a solid object that represented the shape

the personification of Death

but a couple of hours later

I had forgotten about my finding

from earling that evening

and as I glanced at the shape

I saw Grim Reaper again

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