A Note to Self: Tales of the Red Staircase

04/12/20 - 24/01/21 @ CONCORDIA, ENSCHEDE

This project originated during the opening evening of my exhibition at EXPO4 in Concordia, Enschede. I exhibited three videos there, each showing the same situation, a falling object, but all three from a different perspective. The videos open with a sound of a sliding window that is opened and the image that is synchronized with it.
During the build-up I noticed a visual friction between my digital world and the physical space, both being equally dominant. I realized that I was trying to push my own world into an already existing space. This conclusion might seem simple, maybe even obvious, but realizing it, at that point and time, has been extremely crucial for me and my practice. I think it's something I've always been struggling with, not only in my artistic pratice. Hence the title: A Note to Self

From december 2020 until February 2021, a history of events and compositions will unfold through frictions, confrontations and interactions within this tower room of Concordia.


04/12/20 - 12/12/20



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